How American OPT helps students to get jobs in the USA

Students who are studying in the United States and seeking part-time and full-time job opportunities are facing a great downside to getting into better career opportunities. Several issues are affecting international students like academic, cultural challenges, and more.

The majority of students in the US are Indians. It is always good to learn things in advance before they affect you in the future. Here are some challenges and problems that are facing by international students studying in the USA on F1 Visa, CPT, H1B, or OPT.

OPT jobs in the USA

Optical Practical Training (OPT) has become an important part of the workforce today in the US. THE OPT jobs in the USA is a temporary job that is part of the graduation curriculum connected with the F1 student’s major areas of study. The eligible students can apply for the 12-month duration before completing or post completion of their academics. However, pre-completion OPT will be deducted from the period available of post-completion OPT.

Let’s go through how the entire process works out in terms of how to find the OPT jobs in the USA, types of OPT jobs, and free job posting sites in the USA.

Types of OPT jobs

The F-1 students are eligible for any type of OPT jobs in the USA. It should be related to the area of the study. There are two types. 1. Pre-completion OPT and 2. Post-completion OPT jobs.

Pre-completion OPT jobs

The students who are eligible to work on OPT jobs in the USA during pre-completion, the students have to be enrolled full-time basis for one complete academic year at the concerned college that is certified from the U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement student and exchange visitor program to enroll F-1 students.

Post completion OPT

Students who are authorized for the post-completion of OPT jobs in the USA are allowed to work 20 hours a week or full time. If the students underwent the pre-completion OPT, the USCIS will deduct the time from your post-completion OPT authorization period.

How to find an OPT job?

Every year, there are a lot of international students who join United States universities to achieve their education goals. The US is the place for great opportunities to shape a career. Today, we all are aware of how it takes to make a day in the US. Some students who are in search of OPT jobs in the USA are aware of the available options for their job search during their journey in search of the best OPT jobs in the USA.
Here is some of the standard job searching options for an F1 Visa is:
· The shared experience of alumni
· Recommendations from professors
· Online job portals
· University placement department
· Staffing agencies and consultancies
Among all the above options, applying on the best online career or job portal is the most genuine and best option for the students who are looking for OPT jobs in the USA.

Free online Job-posting sites in the USA – How AmericanOPT can help you find the best OPT jobs in the USA?

AmericanOPT is the best place for the employee and employer to collaborate to hire and get hired. When it comes to the OPT jobs in the USA, AmericanOPT helps OPT students to find the right jobs for their course of study.

AmericanOPT helps you find the best OPT jobs in the USA from the companies who are willing to sponsor the H1B visa to international students. The platform designed to support both job seekers and employers in one place.

Special features that help students finding OPT jobs in the USA
Resume Blast Services

AmericanOPT helps students to apply with their resume to multiple positions. Students can apply for the top OPT jobs in the USA at one shot with the resume blast services from AmericanOPT. This service can save time to apply for each job individually. It optimizes the application basing on the position offered in the job post and eases apply the multiple posts at once.

Priority Resume

You may observe that are some loads and loads of resumes or job applications that are displayed in the portals in which make your resume stand out is a tough thing to do. AmaericanOPT made it very easy for the students who are looking for OPT jobs in the USA with the priority resume. The priority resume helps students to stand out from the crowd and their application and profile will be displayed at the top of the search results when a particular employee searches for the relevant candidate for the specific position. It helps students a lot to get part-time, and Fresher/entry-level OPT jobs in the USA.

Summing it up:

AmericanOPT is the one-stop online OPT jobs portal in the USA. It is the best free job posting site in the USA for employers to hire and access the great talent pool that fits their requirements. If you are in search of OPT/CPT jobs in the USA, just check into AmericanOPT and achieve your dream job in a short span.

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