Best Ways for International Students to Apply for Green Cards

The USA is a land of opportunities and many people migrate to the US to make their dreams come true. Numerous students fly there to get higher education in order to get a job with growth and better pay structure. There might be chances where the international students may be interested in settling in the USA as they get accustomed to the lifestyle and living there. But studying or working in the USA doesn’t grant you citizenship. Then wondering what does? It is the green card that permits you to stay and work in the USA permanently. It is the medium through which you can become the permanent part of the country you love.

The journey from holding the F-1 status to a Green cardholder may have multiple ways. The path to your permanent residency in the USA depends on the options you have and the choice you make. When one has so many options, it is always tough to choose the one that suits you the best and your scenario. You can have the best jobs for h1b visa, h4 ead jobs, and eventually, become a permanent resident with the help of a green card. Here are the ways how an international student can get the green card

1) Employer sponsorship

If you are someone who is having one of the f1 opt jobs then one of the ways that grant permanent residency in the USA is employer sponsorship. You can ask your employer to sponsor or ask the company you are working for to make an application for you for an EB-2 or EB-3 employment-based green card.

2) Marry a US citizen
You might be living in the USA for the longest time, even have one of the best jobs for h1b visa or f1 opt jobs but getting the privilege of a green card still looks like a dream far away from coming true. One of the ways to achieve permanent residency or green card is by marrying a US citizen. One thing that needs to be in mind is that the bond should be real and seem legitimate and shouldn’t be a transparent ploy for the green card which is morally as well as legally incorrect. This method seems simple but in reality, it is very laborious and involves too many checks and procedures like background checks, document verification and examination, and background checks that need to be completed before you are granted a green card.

3) Win green card lottery

Winning anything is cool but winning the green card lottery is like your dream come true. Though you have or don’t have one of the best jobs for h1b visa or f1 opt jobs or h4 ead jobs, you are eligible for the lottery conducted by the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery held every year from October to November. But it doesn’t ensure that you would be granted a green card through this process.

4) Seek Asylum

Sometimes it is not about studying than having f1 opt jobs or getting the best jobs for h1b visa or h4 ead jobs. Sometimes it’s more about survival. There are certain cases where an individual can’t return to his/her homeland as they are under threat either due to the civil war prevailing in their country or due to any other reason. In such cases, one can file a petition and seek asylum. USCIS goes through each petition filed and decides accordingly

5) Parent or child sponsorship

An individual can be granted a green card if he/she has a parent or a child who is under 18 is a legal US citizen. They are eligible to sponsor you a green card.

6) Sponsorship by a relative who runs a business in the US

If you have a relative who runs their own business in the US, they can sponsor a green card for you. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. Your relative who owns the business needs to prove that you are being hired due to your qualifications and skills and not because you are related to him/her. He/she should also be able to prove that he/she had conducted a legitimate recruitment process for the vacant position and has made genuine efforts to hire a US citizen, but no one could fill in, which lead to hiring you and bringing you to the USA for filling in the vacant position.

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