6 tips to find a summer internship in US

Once upon a time internships are considered optional to the careers but now companies are looking for an internship experience on the resume before the actual hiring process. A good internship is a Launchpad to the entire career. But, finding the right opportunity is a daunting task nowadays in the USA job portals.

When it comes to the summer internships, best job portals in the USA, there will be a very high-level competition in the US. A thoughtful approach and clear strategy can help you get the right internship from the best job portals in the USA that can add value to your resume. Here are some top 6 tips to find the best Summer internships in the US across resume posting sites in the USA.

About Summer Internships in the USA – USA job portals

J1 Visa Students

International students who are studying in the United States should understand the visa requirements first to leg up on job vacancies in the USA.  If you are a student and just came to the US for the internship, you may likely come in on a J-1 visa.  The J1 visa students are allowed in during and after the academic year completion for 18 months. If you are on a J1 visa, you need to work as an intern from USA job portals in the relevant field of study only after approval from the sponsoring institution.

F1 Visa Students

If you are already studying in the US on an F-1 visa, you can take part in the unpaid internship or an on-campus internship without jumping into the additional paperwork in USA job portals. Though there may be some limitations on the total working hours, they allow you to work up to 20 hours a week. So, it is better to look for part-time job vacancies in the USA.

If you are looking into the off-campus organization, there will be two options

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

CPT Internships

The CPT internships can be a paid internship job vacancies in the USA for the students but they must be relevant to the course of study. The students will be paid for the internship from USA job portals. If you are a CPT student, you must complete the first academic year at university and apply for the student visa authorization. You will receive the updated I-20 form before you kickstart the internship and diving into the resume posting sites in the USA.

OPT Internships

The OPT Internships are not a must-add in the students’ curriculum or directly relates to the degree. It can be undertaken while still enrolled in the school or post-graduation. The process is a bit complex compared to the CPT internship job vacancies in the USA. The OPT internship approvals should come from the US citizenship and immigration services. The internship will be up to 12 months to a 17-month extension if you belong to the STEM field can be searched in the USA job portals.

In both instances, there will not be any burden on the employer looking to take an international intern. It is better to talk with the DSO or Foreign student advisor before you begin your search for the right internship job vacancies in the USA.

Tips to land into the right internship in the USA

Tip #1

Identify the right internship position from job vacancies in the USA

The first basic step while searching for the internship is to identify the position that is offered across resume posting sites in the USA. You need to look into the job title before you get started to look deeper into it. Before applying for the internship, you need to figure out the job duties in the job description from job vacancies in the USA. You have to understand the responsibilities and roles that are expecting by the employer from you. This helps you get clarity on what type of role you are looking for.

Tip #2

Brush up your profile

Before applying for internships, it is always preferred to get started with the resume for job vacancies in the USA, resume posting sites in the USA, Your profile will help in getting hired by the hiring managers to get a basic idea of the profile. So, the format of the resume plays a great role. Adding the details of your core skills, job titles details of study and experience, and highlighting the objective and goal of applying for the internship can be the main factors.

Tip #3

Optimize the Cover Letter as needed

A cover letter is a must for your resume and it should reflect your objective of applying for a particular role. The cover letter should not be the same for every job vacancy in the USA you apply for. It should be personalized and optimized based on the job duties, responsibilities, and roles that are specified in the particular opening.

Tip #4

Letter of reference

The Letter of reference also helps you in this journey to address the job vacancies in the USA, so get it ready. Get references from the employees in a specific organization or references from your university dean or head of the department if needed. Keep a copy of your online portfolio to represent your previous worked projects, make sure they are active and live while presenting it to the employer across the, resume posting sites in the USA.

Tip #5

Do Research and Apply

During the application process, the earlier you apply is the better but, you should have a good amount of patients during this process. Because each internship application may take around one hour to follow every direction based upon the post offered among the job vacancies in the USA. So, research each application in detail and make sure you have everything ready to start the process to avoid interruption in the middle of the process.

So, the first thing while entering into the application process, you should get ready with your letter of recommendation or reference, Visa documents, and other supporting stuff that needs to be submitted during the application process. Create a spreadsheet and keep yourself organized to track the applications that were submitted for each opportunity in the job vacancies in the USA.

Tip #6

Get ready for the interview and follow-ups

Make yourself prepared for the interview after the screening process after applying and proceeded from the best job portals in the USA. It is a crucial step in the overall procedure to get onboarded in your favorite internship. So, be prepared with the stuff. It’s not always too technical or subject-oriented but your attitude and way of responding are also matters for many companies today. So, be patient and give your best in the interview. Make sure you do a follow-up job once the interviews are done.

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