Five Ways To Find Remote Jobs For International Students In USA

Remote work is growing in the Coronavirus economy. More and more companies are providing remote opportunities, and many are keen to enjoy the benefits that remote work allows.

Little-to-no commuting, flexible schedules, more family time, and less risk of illness are all great reasons to find remote work. Benefits of Working from Home include Better Work-Life Balance, Less Commute Stress, Location Independence, Improved Inclusivity, Money Savings, Positive Environmental Impact, Impact on Sustainability, and A Customizable Office. There are a ton of reasons for opt students to look for remote opt jobs online with the help of USA job portals, now more than ever.


Multiple questions come to mind when it comes to finding entry-level remote OPT jobs in the USA. No issues, we have got you all covered up. There are various applied methods by which you can search for entry-level remote OPT Jobs opportunities but you need to be very specific when it comes to finding remote OPT jobs opportunities for an entry-level position that to for OPT visa status in the USA. You are required to be very attentive as a job seeker to get a remote job in your domain in a limited time.

One of the smoothest applied methods for searching remote jobs in the USA is via searching on the well-known remote USA job portals. After getting clearance about the targeted job titles as per your domain and creating the resume you are all ready for the process to start the job search. Seeking the right position in a limited time is one of the greatest challenges in the process of job search for international students. You are supposed to check regularly regarding the available remote job positions as per your major and preference. For better results focus on the targeted USA job portals more.

Try to co-ordinate your remote job search by adding your network connections to the process. Your network connection plays a very important role when it comes to finding remote jobs in your specific career. Try to reconnect with the connections from your resource either from friends, relatives, family, or co-workers. Make your motive stronger by connecting with a group of individuals who can be helpful enough for you to grow your career in your specific field.



One of the important questions which might come across if you’re on OPT visa or under F1 visa whether OPT visa or F1 Visa holders are eligible to work remotely or not and get OPT jobs. Due to the norms as per the USCIS, there are certain rules which imply to OPT visa or F1 visa to get OPT jobs in the USA. As per the previous norms for the F1 visa holders and OPT visa are eligible to get visa extensions if they are in the US which restricts the candidates to return to their home country and work remotely. The norms also restrict them to leave the US while searching for their job from their home country and return to the US when they find one. Due, to such rules the OPT visa and F1 visa holders were under question whether working remotely is possible for them.

The current pandemic has made work from home OPT jobs, one of the greatest necessities to avoid spreading the virus and to protect their loved ones. The organizations are now able to operate their work from their home themselves due to the helpful technological factors which made connecting with people very easy and quick. Therefore, the OPT international students are also allowed to manage their OPT jobs remotely as per the latest guidelines from the SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) due to the COVID-19. As per the new guidelines by the SEVP, International students involved in the OPT (Optional Practical Training) which includes STEM OPT visas can get employment remotely under case if their employer is out of the United States or the employer can get the work done remotely.

Where Can I Find a Remote Job?

When you’re first starting to consider working from home permanently—or even traveling for an undetermined amount of time and need a flexible job—it can be intimidating. Luckily, finding one is simpler than you think! As popularity increases, USA job portals meet demand by specializing in remote careers. Check it out!

  1. We Work Remotely: TheAmericanOPT

This online USA job portal allows job seekers to look for opt jobs. Simply search by title or skill then select the location to find a career!

  1. United OPT

This USA job portal, United OPT, the ultimate ambition is to find OPT Jobs, CPT Jobs, and jobs for international students to find a company that can sponsor their H1B.

  1. SynergisticIT

This USA job portal offers stipends and different tuition payment options for OPT candidates. With a more than 90% job success rate, you can expect them to get you long-term projects at big IT firms. What else? They help you up-skill and train you extensively until they groom you completely. You even get on job technical support so they don’t leave you hanging as other agencies do. 


OPTnation one of the Leading Online Job websites where job seekers can search for the best OPT jobs and apply for them. Just Register and submit your resume and search for the best entry-level jobs for international students available. OPTnation offers a complete career Jump Start service for International Students whether OPT/CPT and all other Fresh Graduates.

If students start early they’ll have ample time preparing their CVs and submitting them to their university/college career centers. It is always a good idea to attend mock interviews conducted by university/college career centers to face real interviews. There are employment boards or USA job portals, which put up jobs for OPT students in the USA, so students can register in these job boards and post their resumes/CVs on them.

  1. Indeed

To use this giant job board to find a remote position, simply input “remote” in the “where” field. You can also upload your resume to let employers looking for remote employees find you.

The surest way to get OPT jobs is to plan ahead of the things you need to be get done to get one.


  1.   You can search for OPT jobs on your basis & network your resume with help of your relatives, family & friends in your circle. By doing this your network of professionals increases also increasing your chances to get hired.
  2.   Market your resume in the best possible way to get in contact with a large number of employers increasing your chances of getting hired. If you are finding it difficult to reach a large number of employers then you can get help from USA job portals, professionals such as TheAmericanOPT, My Resume Jobs, Careerghost, United OPT who are working actively on the soil of the USA.
  3.   Target those companies which are not the biggest such as startups. These companies can help you in getting trained for the job you want in your desired field of interest. If you can list out such companies it is great for increasing the number of interviews in a given period.
  4.   If you are not getting a job then you could also apply for volunteering work as it counts for your 90 days of unemployment during an OPT period.
  5.   Start your application for a job before the end of your 90 days OPT period. And also before 60 days after your graduation date.

There are certain universal ways of finding an OPT job online with minimum time. 

  1.   Use your network to find a job for yourself.

Tell everyone in your network that you are open to OPT jobs to gain any sort of experience that can be useful for you in the long run. This kind of networking can be very beneficial for you. Self networking can get you the best opt jobs. So don’t shy away from it.

  1. Try and get introduced to a company.

Take note if anyone in your existing network is working in a company that is suitable for you to work in. You can approach them and inquire about any existing hiring process going on in the company. You can explain to them why you want to work with the company and why it fits you to work over there.

  1. Start applying directly to the companies.

When you are actively looking for OPT jobs you should spend most of your time on the career page of various companies and start applying to them even if they are not hiring at present. By doing this you are increasing your chances of getting hired very rapidly.

  1. Look for jobs through online USA job portals.

You can take help from the various online USA job portals such as My Resume Jobs, theAmericanOPT, Careerghost, United OPT, Indeed, LinkedIn, & Monster. This will help you tremendously to increase your network boundlessly.

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