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2021 Top 10 Employers offering opt jobs to international students in the USA

In the current economic situation, getting a good OPT jobs in USA is quite challenging for international students. Reaching the right set of companies can help to get the best opportunity within a short period. In 2021, most of the companies are denying the proceeding further with the international students. The companies are supposed to target the responses within a short period. Though the number of resources to reach the companies is very limited, the requirement has to focus on the quality of job application instead of quantity which will save our valuable time.

Here, we have provided the top companies list hiring international students on the CPT and OPT visas. It helps students to find the jobs that are best suitable as per their domain and requirement. To get the jobs for OPT students, a good amount of pre-research and planning is essential to achieve it. We made it for you, and here is the snapshot with all the details.

OPT jobs in the USA

Optical Practical Training (OPT) has become an essential part of the workforce today in the U.S. THE OPT job in the USA is a temporary job part of the graduation curriculum connected with the F1 student’s primary areas of study. The eligible students can apply for the 12-month duration before completing or post-completion of their academics. However, pre-completion OPT will be deducted from the period available of post-completion OPT.

Let’s go through how the entire process works out regarding finding the OPT jobs in the USA, types of OPT jobs in the USA, and free job posting sites in the USA.

Types of OPT jobs

The F-1 students are eligible for any OPT jobs in the USA. It should be related to the area of the study. There are two types. 1. Pre-completion OPT and 2. Post-completion OPT jobs.

Pre-completion OPT jobs

Students eligible to work on OPT jobs in the USA during pre-completion have to be enrolled full-time for one full academic year at the concerned college certified by the U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement student and exchange visitor program to enroll F-1 students.

Post completion OPT

Students who are authorized for the post-completion of OPT jobs in the USA can work 20 hours a week or full time. If the students underwent the pre-completion OPT, the USCIS would deduct the time from your post-completion OPT authorization period.

How to find an OPT job?

Every year, many international students join United States universities to achieve their education goals. The U.S. is the place for great opportunities to shape a career. Today, we all are aware of how it takes to make a day in the U.S. Some students who are in search of Jobs for OPT students in the USA are aware of the available options for their job search during their journey in search of the best OPT jobs in the USA.

Here is some of the standard job searching options for an F1 Visa is:         

  • The shared experience of alumni         
  • Recommendations from professors
  • Online job portals      
  • University placement department
  • Staffing agencies and consultancies

Among all the above options, applying on the best online career or job portal is the most genuine and best option for students looking for OPT jobs in the USA.

The Top 10 OPT & CPT Employers

Here is the list of the top 10 OPT & CPT employers based on the number of hired international students through OPT program. Most of these companies are well known and are multinational companies. Students who apply and submit for false employment on a false job offer letter may lead to visa revocation, and their F visas were no longer valid. Hence, international students need to make a valid employment offer to keep the F visa status valid.

  1. Amazon
  2. Google
  3. Deloitte
  4. Microsoft
  5. Facebook
  6. Intel Corporation
  7. TCS
  8. Apple Inc
  9. IBM
  10. Infosys

All the above companies are global corporate giants, and it is essential that the job interview process with a U.S. employer can be different from company to company. Besides these guidelines and laws governing the behavior, U.S. employers must follow some standard procedures during the hiring of international students on Sponsor H1Bs and OPT. The main things here are all about the research and learn about their typical hiring process. We also have many engineering companies that hire international students in the USA. If you are thinking about a broad list of opportunities to expand your job hunt and increase your chances of getting the offers, you should upload your profile on American OPT to find the proper job role and most trusted employers in one place. Connect with American OPT today! 

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