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Student at Rutgers University

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Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Major – Information Technology and Informatics (ITI)               Expected May 2021

Minor – Business Administration | Dean’s List (Spring and Fall 2020)             GPA – 3.52


Programming: Python, HTML, JavaScript,  CSS, PHP,  Java, MySQL, SalesForce, Node.JS backend, Linux, Oracle Data Mining Software, RoundUp Issue Tracker, R

Operating Systems: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows  |   Framework Tools: Spring Boot, Github, Atom, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, MAMP, Bootstrap

Other skills: Microsoft Office, Indigo, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Acrobat Pro DC, Indigo, Asana, Trello, Tableau, Joomla


Technology and Data Analytics Intern, bKash Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh                         June 2018 – August 2018

Created 3 major reports on a cashflow forecast by analyzing financial, statistical data by using SQL.
Compiled and analyzed 7 datasheets from financial reports using Excel and Tableau to demonstrate final reports to senior management.
Prepared and retrieved financial data from the database and analyzed them using R programming.
Monitored and recorded software issues of 25 computers and specialized in RoundUp Issue Tracker- Python for bug tracking.
Designed and executed a remittance project with my team members using Python and Oracle Data Mining Software for data analysis and mining of 37 data, which was approved by the Board of Directors.

UX Designer and Project Management Trainee, Casper Foundation, Dhaka, Bangladesh                           Dec 2016 – July 2017

Wrote, designed, and published 300 newsletters that included the 3D versions of the bone structure that were created using JavaScript, CSS, Illustrator, Adobe XD, and Indigo, resulting in a 10% increase in the company’s total revenue within 6 months of publishing the newsletters.
Programmed and developed the team’s content for a website using UXD that would then be converted into the developers’ final content.
Gathered customer feedback and incorporated it into different front-end programming techniques to improve the company’s website’s UI.
Collaborated with various teams and trained them to use project management software like Trello and SalesForce to monitor the newsletter’s progress and Joomla to publish the company’s website’s content using PHP.


Goldman Sachs Software Engineering Virtual Program                     Dec 2020 – Present

Gained insight into what responsibilities rest on a professional engineer at Goldman Sachs in Data Security risk assessment and mitigation.
Utilized Python, typescript, and React code to analyze and program existing financial data.
Developed cryptography and other software engineering skills and used version control systems such as Git.

Object-Oriented Programming (Programming Language used: Python & Java)                                                         Fall 2020

Applied Python and Java skills to write functions to determine integer properties within a range. Created a chart, printed log, and a flowchart to display the output.
Developed a game that displayed a generated pattern by using the user’s supplied values and characters. Implemented a drill mode that generated a series of mathematical problems which generated a set amount of numbers to the user with the digital display functions and tracked the total correct questions the user answered during their game.

Data Analysis, Mining and Visualization Project  (Technologies used: Tableau, Oracle Data Mining Software, SQL)               Fall 2020

Used data mining software and statistics as well as applied machine learning algorithms for analyzing and mining the required data.
Build an interactive data visualization and dashboard on Motor Vehicle Collisions in the past 5 years and facilitated information from the databases using SQL.

Front-End Programming Project – Web Design (Technologies used: JavaScript, PHP, HTML)                                                Spring 2019

Used Javascript and HTML to create a personal homepage by applying different functions such as the date and time function to display the current date & time and calculate the number of days left in that particular month.
Implemented HTML and PHP to create a loop that generated a coin-tossing game and created a currency converter.

Management of Technological Organizations – Inventory Management App IT (Tools used: Microsoft Project, Indigo, Adobe XD)                  Fall 2019

Designed a prototype of an application called “Agora” that helps companies replenish their stock level by placing orders to their suppliers effectively using the app, which lessens food waste and increases product availability.


Linux Pro (TestOut Certification)                       Dec 2020  – Dec 2023

TIPS Alcohol Certification- Training to prevent intoxication, drunk driving, and underage drinking by educating people.                      Dec 2019 – May 2022


Alcohol and Other Drugs Peer Educator, Rutgers HOPE, Rutgers Health                                     January 2020 – Present

Conducted 12 workshops on alcohol and drug abuse to educate 150 students on how to act upon situations such as an overdose, which resulted in a decrease in the number of alcohol and drug-related cases in 2020.
Public Relations Coordinator of Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society                                 July 2018 – July 2019

Managed Public Relations team – Connected with startup companies to attend our biggest conference of the year, Rutgers​ Innovation and Startup Expedition (RISE), and designed workshops using  UI/UX, Digital Marketing for students.
Head of R&D Department, Footsteps, Dhaka Bangladesh                                                                   Dec 2014 – July 2017

Appointed as the team leader to launch projects like WeCan (installation of 30 trash cans around Dhaka city) and project Trishna (installation of 45 water filters around Dhaka City) and wrote articles on the cleanliness of the environment.
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Dhaka, Bangladesh                             October 2016- Dec 2016

Volunteered in a team-based project based on women’s health like Obstetric Fistula, gender equality, and reproductive health.